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Lights, Camera, Action! A guide for taking pictures

So technically you can’t have a Bookstagram account without having pictures posted of course. That’s the whole purpose of Instagram.

But the good news is that you don’t need to be a pro or rush to buy a new camera to achieve that. Your current phone would be more than suffice.

I find that’s its easier and more handy to use my iPhone 6s, that and the fact that I don’t really own a camera. maud_01_0

Now without further a due, I’ll be sharing a few tips to take note of when you take that Bookstagram picture.

Processed with VSCO with v6 preset
Processed with VSCO with v6 preset
  1. Pick up that book(s) you want to take a picture of. Choose your background. I love using my bed’s white covers as background or any wooden surfaces.
  2. Once you decide on the background, add some bookish items. Your coffee mug, notebooks, cute pens..or you could just  focus on the book or books itself. Now you’re ready to click!
  3. Light is your number one friend. Natural light? Even better! I find that its best to take photos early in the morning after sunrise. You can take in the afternoon or late afternoon but personally I find mornings work best for me.
  4. Find your angle! Take multiple shots from different angles till you are satisfied with one. It’s only natural that it will take more than one click!! If you are a beginner, I’d suggest a flat-lay photo. That means shooting the photo directly from above. That’s it, now you have your picture.
  5. Once you decided on the one you’re going to use, it would help to add a filter. Instagram itself has many options to use from, but personally I rely on other apps to achieve that. (I’ll be posting soon about best apps to use and the different kind of filters.

So that’s just about it, very simple, right? Just remember that all it takes is practice! practice! practice! When I look back at my first picture taken and with what I have now, I know that I have really come a long way. I’m still learning new stuff everyday and so will you.

Don’t be afraid and don’t get discouraged! In the end, Bookstagram is all about having fun!

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