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Book Review : The Lovers Dictionary

Book Title: The Lovers Dictionary

Book Author: David Levithan

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I’ve never thought I’d relish the thought of a book with nameless characters and unknown genders but here I am, ignoring my OCD, and reading one of the most creative books I’ve come across.

A dictionary-like story where the Protagonist goes through mostly all phases of a relationship like falling in love, meeting their friends/family, conflicts, jealousy and stages of a breakup.

I absolutely loved it and even though it could have been a real fast read, I took my time with it. As short as the pages were, it was filled with lots of emotional and touching words.

I would totally recommend this book if you are looking for something short but intense to read. Lover’s dictionary is filled with relatad-ish and impressive quotes and If you’re a quote lover as me, you would totally appreciate it.

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