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Book Review : Behind Closed Doors

Book Title : Behind Closed Doors
Book Author : B.A. Paris
My Rating : ⭐️⭐️/5
Publication Date : August 9th 2016

I love psychological thrillers so it’s no surprise I’d be rushing to buy this one but only picked it up after having read lots of good reviews about it. The hype! Oh yes, the hype.

Jack and Grace have the perfect marriage or so it seems. This is your typical looks-can-be-deceiving kind of plots and it takes one little slip to uncover it.

The book was super easy to read and to get into. The characters were well introduced and the plot neatly unfolded.

BUT, one of my major issues with the plot is that it got repetitive, and I didn’t appreciate the past and present chapters. I thought it was totally unnecessary especially when it was nearing the end of the book.
Second BUT, that it didn’t make me sit on the edge of my seat or worry about how Grace will get out of her messy situation. Jack was told to be evil but we didn’t get to fully see that. I was patiently waiting for the ‘gross’ and evil parts that never came.

I want to say I’d recommend this book but I’m sure there are far much better psychological thrillers out there that’s worth the time and read.



2 thoughts on “Book Review : Behind Closed Doors”

  1. Hmm I have been thinking about picking up this book for a while because of the stellar reviews. It’s so difficult with hyped books I guess because it alters my expectations. Thrillers can be really hit or miss especially. It’s nice to see an opinion that isn’t all hype, great review. 🙂

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