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Tips and Tricks 1

Are your photoshoots as messy as mine?

I have not come across a Bookstagrammer who have not complained or dreaded that part where we have to re-shelf our books and put everything back again as it was.

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Behind the scenes!

That’s you too, right?

Well, that’s bookstagram life right there for you.

You wouldn’t get the kick out of it if you didn’t feel like you are bombarded with books, bookmarks, and just about everything else you can make use of to get that perfect shot!

Anyhoo, I’ve assembled together some basic tips and tricks in this post so as just to give you an idea of what one can do while taking pictures.

TRICK! So you’re taking time with your current read, and you’ve taken more than one post about it. You feel like peeps are getting sick at looking at the same cover over and over again.

  • A trick I do is take a photo of an open book and talk about my current read.
  • Another thing is to open that first page where the title is. That way peeps can know what you are reading and wont have to look at that cover again.
  • Take a pic of the book spine. Along with a cup of coffee or something and you’re good to go.

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TIP* Use Props! It can be just about anything. My favorites are bookmarks, pens, coasters, candles and a coffee or tea mug.

TRICK! It always seems that I’m drinking coffee at some cafe because most of my pictures have a cup of coffee in them but in reality, I take multiple shots with that cup I order, from different angles, save them on my iPhone and post one every once in a while.

TIP* Flowers makes the perfect picture. I know it’s not everyday you get flowers but when you do, don’t throw them out when they wilt. Instead let them dry and use them.

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WARNING!! Expired Beverage, use with caution.

TRICK! Those friendly looking Starbucks drinks are expensive. But just my luck – a good one! I had one expired and I’m keeping it as a prop for my pictures which also seems I’m always having some. Coffee addict or what! *Sheepish smile. So yep! It’s just the one which I keep re-using over and over again. But, I make sure to put an expired label sign on it! I don’t want anyone dying on me for the sake of my bookstagramming.


So what are some tricks that you use and would love to share as well? Comment below!



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