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Arc Review : The Note

Book Title : The Note
Book Author : Zoe Folbigg
Expected Publication Date : October 1st 2017

I always try to be super honest with my reviews and I always to try as much as possible to find the good in what I read.

The Note was supposed to be that romantic, got-you-swooning, hoping and rooting for the Protagonist kind of books and It was, somehow that way. But…

My issue with the book was the writing style and format. The name, Maya, our Protagonist was mentioned a lot. Maya this, Maya that. I don’t mind a book written in a third-person narrative but I don’t think it worked for this one. It got the characters feeling bland and without flavor. There were also the mention of a lot of characters that it was hard to keep up with and I felt some did not even add to the story.

Writing style and characters aside, it had a good plot line. I loved the idea of what the book represented and what it is expected to learn out of it. It’s all about taking chances, being brave and not afraid to take that leap.

Overall, I won’t really recommend the book. But if it did happen to fall into your lap, do pick it up and check it out.


Thank you @netgalley and Aria Books for a copy in an exchange for an honest review.

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