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Book Review : Autumn

Book Title : Autumn
Book Author : 
Ali Smith
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
October 20th 2016

I think this is one of those books that would be ok to say “I don’t completely get it.

It’s totally fine. I don’t think it was meant to be fully understood. I think it was meant to be enjoyed. Period.

It’s also not going to be easy to write a review about it but if I should describe it one word, I would say it’s “original”. Truly it is.

Autumn is the first installment of the “Seasonal Quartet” books. It is narrated by Elisabeth who meets, connects with her elderly neighbor, Daniel, and builds a special relationship with him. We are also taken back and forth in time talking about history, politics, and art.

Even though there were lots of events talked about in the book which I did not connect with or understood, I have much-loved the prose and idea of the book. I’m also finding it hard not to talk about it without posting some spoilers but how the story was built up was very clever.

Mind you, I was lost multiple times, and a lot of things did not make sense while reading but I felt everything was placed together by the end.

Would I read the other books in the series? I definitely would.

I love that each book is independent but we have been told that they interconnect somehow. I’m so intrigued and can’t wait to read the rest of them.

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