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ARC Review: Need To Know

Book Title : Need To Know
Book Author :
Karen Cleveland
My Rating :
Expected Publication Date : January 25th 2018

I truly believe this is one of those books which would best be a movie.

As much as it was an enjoyable read, it still lacked that “OMG” and “I’m on the edge of my seat” kind of feeling when you usually come across Thrillers. And I’m blaming it on the characters.

Vivian Miller was good at her job, maybe even too good. As a CIA counterintelligence analyst, she uncovers this huge secret that will threaten her life and family, and she finds herself in a position where she has to make sure she is making the right choices but still stay true to herself. Was it easy? Of course not! Then there’s this issue of whom to trust which was the main idea of the book and whether things were actually as it seems.

It was a truly fast read and you would find yourself on the last page without even realizing it but still, it was a mellow read for me. I wasn’t as hyped up or excited. I wasn’t even contemplating who the bad guys were and who weren’t as I usually do with other thrillers. It was just an ok read for me.

Would I recommend reading it? I might if someone asked me specifically about it. But you won’t find me recommending it if someone is looking for a great thriller.

Thank you to Penguin UK books for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for a fair and honest review/.

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