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Book Review : He Said / She Said

Book Title : He Said / She Said
Book Author :
Erin Kelly
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
April 20th 2017

As a thriller fan, it’s no surprise I’d pick this one up. I mean, the title itself is intriguing. Right?

Maybe I had such high hopes for this one, or maybe I read so many thrillers that I’m starting to get picky as to which to put on my favorites shelf.

The mains story revolves around Kit and Laura who are all about eclipses where one day, they set to attend a festival to experience one. During that festival, Laura witnesses a brutal attack of a woman being raped by a guy and calls the police on him.

The woman, Beth, is grateful – maybe way to grateful and plays the perfect victim while her attacker is pleading innocence. Now, whose story are we to believe?

The book alternates POV between Kit and Laura while also alternating between the past and present. We are giving pieces of the plots till in the end, we get the full story.

I kind of liked it. It was slow sometimes. It did have lots of twists.  I was extremely awed by the plot and think it’s really clever.

Did I love it so much? Would I remember it in the long run? I don’t think so.

I do, though, recommend it to thrillers fan and especially those who are into eclipses and astronomy as there is lots of information about that.

2 thoughts on “Book Review : He Said / She Said”

  1. the title sounds really interesting, as does the whole premise of it! i may have to give it a go if ever i find it in my bookstore 🙂

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