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Book Review : Geekerella

Book Title : Geekerella
Book Author :
Ashley Poston
My Rating :
Publication Date :
April 4th 2017

If you love retellings, then you will love this.

I love retellings, so obviously I loved it!

Cinderella is one of my favorite childhood stories and I always love to check out the different versions of it.

This one talks about Elle Wittimer which one might call a geek. She’s a diehard Starfield fan, a classic sci-fi show, and shares that love with her late parents.  Wishing she’d escape her step-family, she’s determined to win the prize for this year’s ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball which would help her achieve that.

An added bonus is to meet and great Prince Carmindor, which is played by Teen actor Darien Freeman who believes he’s not the right person for this role and has self-doubts about it.

This was such a cute and fun read. Please don’t expect things to be so serious or as typical as a Cinderella story.

There is a lot of cheesiness and mushiness but I have found it to be adorable.

This is the perfect read if you are looking for something light, entertaining and just want a good laugh.

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