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Book Review : The Wedding Date

Book Title :  The Wedding Date
Book Author : 
Jasmine Guillory
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
January 30th 2018

I am not a very generous person when it comes to my stars and I could be a tad bit difficult when it comes to ratings. So it’s really a big thing that I gave this book a four star rating!

And it certainly deserves it.

Stuck in an elevator with a guy she doesn’t know, and agreeing to go to a wedding as a first date, is something Alexa wouldn’t dream of doing. But something about Drew, – and his charm! makes it super hard to resist him or refuse his offer to become his fake girlfriend to assist him with his ex’s wedding festivities.

A delightful read about long distance relationships, love, attraction and all those ingredients that would make the perfect romantic story.

I totally loved!

It as it had that “feeling good” read, packed with awesome characters and you can’t help but fall in love with Alexa and Drew.
I would totally recommend it to those who are looking for a light read and a fix of steamy romance.

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