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Book Review : Behold the Dreamers

Book Title : Behold the Dreamers
Book Author :
Imbolo Mbue
My Rating :
Publication Date :
June 26th 2017

I really wanted to LOVE this book so much but sadly I didn’t. Maybe I just had my own ideas of what it should have been and I was expecting more than what it was.

The book follows the story of Jendi and Neni, and their son, who migrated from Cameron to the United States hoping to live that American Dream. Working and studying hard, they soon realize it’s not as easy or glamorous as they thought it would be.

I loved how it touches subjects about hopes, dreams, love, marriage, wealth vs poverty and so much more. The writing style makes it super easy to follow the plot and connect with the characters.

It wasn’t a struggle for me to finish it and I did look forward to knowing how it ended, not because of the creativity of the plot but because I kind of fell in love with the characters themselves and I found myself rooting for them!

I do recommend that you pick it up. It could be a good one for you and it could be that you’d find it mediocre like I did.

2 thoughts on “Book Review : Behold the Dreamers”

  1. It’s always a little disappointing when a book doesn’t live up to high expectations! I’ll keep this one in mind though just because we all see things from different perspectives. Great review!
    El x

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