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Book Review : The Silent Patient

Book Title : The Silent Patient
Book Author : 
Alex Michaelides
My Rating :
Publication Date :
February 5th 2019

Thank you @littlebrown for sending me a free copy in exchange for a review.

The Deets : So where do I start! Alicia, she’s our silent patient. Shoots her beloved Husband, Gabriel, five times and never speaks another word. Then comes Theo, our Protagonist, a psychotherapist who is convinced he can help with Alicia’s case and can get her to speak.

Just my thoughts : I absolutely loved it!! It was such a page turner. I loved how the book focused on the physiological side of our characters, the many possible theories, the art references and some more. There were parts where I found a bit dragged and unnecessary to the plot and would have loved to skip.

All in favor, should I say Aye? I would definitely say Aye, and I would totally recommend it. Especially to those who are looking to try out a thriller genre. You would love it!

Do you have space on your shelf? My way of asking would you pick it up and read.

Thank you @littlebrown for sending me a free copy in exchange for a review.


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