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E-ARC Review : Caravan

Book Title : Caravan
Book Author : 
Adam DeCollibus
My Rating :
Publication Date :
July 18th 2019

Thank you Third Lion Publishing for sending me a free e-copy in exchange for a review.

The Deets: William Abney is desperate for money. Desperate enough to accept a job traveling all the way to Morroco across the hot Sahara desert to take pictures of locals and anything of culture for a local magazine in London. The only condition for getting the money, is that he needs to make it out of there alive and return home safely.

Just my thoughts: My love for historical fiction keeps growing and this is a good addition to my recommendations for this genre. I loved the whole vivid description of the desert and the Moroccan culture. I truly felt I was there experiencing with William all those things that he have come across.

All the characters in the book were likable, I don’t believe there is one which I have found annoying or didn’t like. The writing style made it so easy to read the book and I was flipping the pages to find out what would happen to William and to those around him.

Did the book make me love the dessert? Heck, No! Living in the Middle East myself, and living through hot, humid summer here, I perfectly knew and understood what the author was talking about.

All in favor, should I say Aye? I say Aye, and I would recommend it to those who love subjects about the war, adventures, and learning about new cultures.

Do you have space on your shelf? I truly believe you should save a spot for this one on your shelfie.


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