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ARC Review : White Chrysanthemum

Book Title :White Chrysanthemums
Book Author
: Mary Lynn Bracht
My Rating :

Publication Date: January 18th 2018

This book should come with a warning sign that says “stock up on tissue boxes before reading.”

I would definitely place White Chrysanthemum on a book list for tear-jerkers. It was just so sad. I had to pause a few times, take a breather because I just couldn’t endure the sufferings.

A historical fiction, set in Korea 1943 during the WW2, two sisters, Hana and Emi were separated when Hana was taken by the Japanese army. Told alternatively between the sisters, it was really hard for me to choose which sister’s story I enjoyed more. Both were heartbreakingly beautiful.

I had no idea about the war history between Korea and Japan, and the things Korean people had to deal with at those times. This was such an enlightenment for me and it was one of the things I have loved most about the book.

I would warn you though, some events in the book could be defined as quite horrific. As much as I have enjoyed most of it; it was a bit brutal for my taste. I don’t think I handled it well and I don’t think I could read it again and undergo through all those triggered emotions – not all splendid, mind you.

But recommend I would. It’s a really captivating story. The writing style is just impeccable and you can’t help but fall in love with the traditions of the Haenyeo women who make their living as divers in the Korean sea.

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Arc Review : The Note

Book Title : The Note
Book Author : Zoe Folbigg
Expected Publication Date : October 1st 2017

I always try to be super honest with my reviews and I always to try as much as possible to find the good in what I read.

The Note was supposed to be that romantic, got-you-swooning, hoping and rooting for the Protagonist kind of books and It was, somehow that way. But…

My issue with the book was the writing style and format. The name, Maya, our Protagonist was mentioned a lot. Maya this, Maya that. I don’t mind a book written in a third-person narrative but I don’t think it worked for this one. It got the characters feeling bland and without flavor. There were also the mention of a lot of characters that it was hard to keep up with and I felt some did not even add to the story.

Writing style and characters aside, it had a good plot line. I loved the idea of what the book represented and what it is expected to learn out of it. It’s all about taking chances, being brave and not afraid to take that leap.

Overall, I won’t really recommend the book. But if it did happen to fall into your lap, do pick it up and check it out.


Thank you @netgalley and Aria Books for a copy in an exchange for an honest review.

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ARC Review : All the Good Things

Book Title : All the Good Things
Book Author : Clare Fisher
My Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Publication Date : June 1st 2017

If you could list all the good things in your life on a page, what would it say?

Twenty-one year old Beth was in prison and she was asked to do exactly that. She was to list all the good things in her life as a way to make her feel good again.

Throughout the book, with the exceptionally creative chapter titles, we were taken back and forth into Beth’s life which helps us understand her character more. I thought it was a very clever idea and works well with the plotline; to know more about Beth then find out what was the bad thing she did.

Though it gave me “The Catcher of the Rye” vibe, I still loved its distinctive narrative style and I think it’s unique in its own way. I was so afraid that the ending would not measure up but in my opinion, I find that it did pull through.

All The Good Things was a tormenting and emotional one that I have read with an open-mind. I loved how realistic it was though it did get a bit of a drag in some parts.

It wasn’t very easy for me to write this review. I have typed, deleted, retyped and I’m still finding it hard to place exactly how I feel about it, but I believe I was able to pull through it cause I’m a sucker for books that voices subjects about psychology and mental health issues.

Thanks to @penguinUkbooks for this book, which was given in an exchange for an honest review.

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ARC Review : Exit West

Book Title: Exit West

Book Author: Mohsin Hamid

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Publication Date: March 7th 2017

This was my first Mohsin Hamid book so I had no idea what to expect. It wasn’t so difficult to get into the mood of the book or get connected with the characters. They were simple enough, first names basis, easy going and didn’t say much. Though I’m not sure whether this was the character’s mood or the books but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
The book follows two people, Saeed and Nadia, who met and fell in love. Shortly after, they had to leave their homeland behind because of the war and they find themselves entering a door that lead to an alien and uncertain place.

I liked the idea of the book. I took it mostly as metaphorical especially when it comes to the places they go to, the people they met and the new place they have found and assumed it would be their sanctuary.

But, here comes the but, as much I liked it, there were some parts that have been a bit slow for me. I also felt the need to be more connected to the characters, it was left up to our imagination most of the time as to what they are thinking which could work for some readers.

All in all, it was a good read but get ready to have a very open mind as you will have to grasp what you can and have your own interpretations of the book.

I’d first love to thank Penguin UK books @penguinukbooks for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.