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ARC Review : Final Girls

 Book Title:Final girls
Book Author: Riley Siger
My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Expected Publication Date: July 2017

I’ve been reading lots of mysteries/thrillers lately so I’m trying very hard not to compare them to each other as I think every book is unique on its own way.

Though I wouldn’t exactly categorize Final Girls as a thriller or added it to this genre. It’s more like a horror-movie-as-a-book kind of situation and I don’t think I’ve come across or read one of those before.

So it talks about Quincy, one who survived (with a partial memory loss) a massacre at an isolated cabin in the woods and is now called a Final girl just like two others, Lisa and Sam, who have been in the same situation years ago. They were bound to meet and be interviewed when one of them, Lisa, commits suicide. Sam suddenly appears and messes up Quincy’s almost perfect life after having convinced herself that she’s moved and on and over it.

I fell in love with the plot line as it had you guessing the whole time about what really happened at that cabin. Can we trust those around Quincy’s life? Can we even trust Quincy herself? I think this was the highlight of the book. It was such a clever way to mess up with your mind.
As much as I was thrilled by the story line, it did get a bit slow and frustrating at times. I did not like or connect to any of the characters. Riley tried to show Quincy as a strong women and a survivor but honestly most of the time, I just felt she’s weak and whiny.

I don’t think I’d mind recommending this book. It does have this unique flare about it and I’d ask that you’d give it a chance. You could end up loving it and adding it to your favorite list.
Thanks to @penguinUkbooks for the ARC, which was given in an exchange for an honest review.