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Book Review : Thirteen Reasons why

Book Title: Thirteen Reasons why

Book Author: Jay Asher

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️/5

Hannah Baker, a depressed teenager, sends out tapes to certain people from her school explaining thirteen reasons why she had decided to kill herself.

I’m half tempted to mention my own thirteen reasons why I did not like this book but I don’t feel bothered to give it that much attention. It was recommend by a cousin of mine, bought it and have been sitting on my shelf for years. It was only after the hype and good reviews of its TV show that encouraged me to pick it up and read it.

I wish I hadn’t. It wasn’t exactly easy to read and I don’t blame it on the writing style. On the contrary, the writing style was fine. It was the structure of how it was written that was confusing. There were two main narrators on the book, and I got lost multiple times as who was narrating which line. They were kind of overlapping each other.

Narrations aside, the story was very intriguing especially with the idea of the tapes and how it was left to be passed around so Hannah would get her message through. The basis of the story was an important subject and as I am a big of realistic fiction, I loved the idea of it.

“But” having watched the show, I would strongly recommend it over the book. The show portrayed Hannah and the rest of the characters on a deeper level. You feel more connected to them and there were lots of elements included in the story that were missing in the book.

It saddens me to say that it’s a shame with such a great story line and characters, the book didn’t just pull through. It could have been one great book that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. But, recommend, I would not.