What is Bookstagram?

“Are you done yet? Can we drink our coffee in peace now?”

If I had a penny for every time I have heard this question, I would have been rich enough to buy all the books in the world that would fill a library bigger than the one that the Beast gifted Belle in the latest Beauty and the Beast movie. How awesome was that library!

Ahem, so OK, I get this question every time I’m out with friends or family as I would not allow anyone to touch their drinks or food till I snap! And I am pleased with what I think is that perfect Bookstagram picture. Yes, I intentionally say “Bookstagram” because all my pictures have to involve a book in it.


What is Bookstagram?

Bookstagram (#bookstagram on Instagram) is a portmanteau word made up of books and Instagram.

Clever, right?

It is  an ever growing community where book lovers post pictures of the books they have purchased, borrowed, read, written and basically anything that involves books. The aim is to share those book photos with captions that will get conversations flowing.

As a book lover yourself, it does sound so interesting and appealing that I’m sure you would love to join in.

So how to Join? Simple!

  1. Create an Instagram account.
  2. Pick a username that would signify that you are all about reading. It could be as basic as your name and add words such as reads or books to it. My handle @africaanah was inspired by one of the best Novels out there, Americanah. So you can be as creative as you like.
  3. Another thing that would help is adding a bio to your profile account. Your name (or nickname), some personal details – if you don’t mind, your favorite book quote, you location, what you are currently reading, etc.

You have the right to add whatever information you would like. It would help to check other “Bookstrgrammers” accounts as well. Which would bring us up to my next point.

  1. Follow and make friends with other Bookstagrammers. To find them, you can easily check #bookstagram and find all posts by fellow book lovers. Like and comment on their pictures. Get involved!
  2. I’m also glad and proud to say, we Bookstagrammers in the UAE, have created our own tags which you can check out and use. Those include #bookstagramuae, #bookishdubai, #bookishabudhabi
  3. What are you #currentlyreading? Another popular hashtag in Bookstagram. Take a picture of your current read. You don’t necessarily need to be a pro or have the greatest photography skills. All you require is good lighting, your book and you may add a bookish prop like your bookmark, or cup of coffee. You may use your phone to take the picture and Voila! You’re good to go.
  4. Now post that picture, add your caption – share a quote from the book or mention why you are enjoying it, or what it’s about, etc. – and don’t forget to include those bookish tags so your post can be seen by the bookstagram community.

See?  That’s all there is to it. Now you have joined the bookstagram community.

You’re welcome!


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