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Book Review : The Rosie Project

Book Title: The Rosie Project

Book Author: Graeme Simsion

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I have seen this book around at book stores a lot, I have picked it up and dropped it immediately after. Every Single Time. I was seriously indecisive about it which is super strange and so unlike me as I am known to be a very impulsive shopper.

I was glad I received this book as a gift though (Thank you Jigz @book.amour ). And after reading Adam Sharp, a book by the same author, everyone was rooting for me to pick The Rosie Project up.

Again, I’m glad I gave in and picked it up. It was a delight to meet Don Tillman, a professor in genetics, who have never been on a second date. He’s your typical genius guy, socially awkward and have set his own rituals and rules to live by. He decides it’s time for him to get married so he invents The Wife Project, an approach to find a compatible wife. With a turn of events, he meets Rosie who is the opposite of what he is looking for and totally unsuitable for The Project Wife.

I found it to be a good read. It was funny, it was cute, fast paced and an enjoyable one. BUT- you guessed it, a BUT is on its way! – I found it to be mediocre. There was nothing special about it. Don reminded me so much of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory which is also an OK show for me.

Did I laugh? I did but not out loud. Did I connect with the characters? I did but I probably won’t remember them after a while.

Overall, it was an OK read for me, mostly maybe because I’m not much in rom-com anymore and it would be one of my last choices to pick up a book with such a genre.


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