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Book Review : I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister

Book Title : I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister
Book Author :
Amélie Sarn
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
August 5th 2014

Have you ever regretted not picking up a book sooner?

This is the case for me now!

I can’t believe this book has been lying on my TBR shelf for so long and I only picked it up because I was in dire need of a short read to meet my reading goals before years end.

It’s a story about two close sisters, Sohane and Djelila, and how they have kind of drifted apart.

Algerians, born and raised in France, Sohane was in a love/hate relationship with her sister, Djelila, who have started to spend her days with her friends, partying and hanging out with boys, while she had become more religious.

Without saying anymore, this less than a 200 pages book spoke volumes. I was totally taken aback by how much I have loved it.

It’s about religion, it’s about choices, feminist, and the right to fight for what you believe in.

It doesn’t have that great of a plot or writing but it perfectly portrayed to what a lot could relate to.

I totally recommend to all readers and I would especially recommend it to those who are looking to their first English book. This would be a great read to start with.

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