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Book Review : Strut

Book Title : Strut
Book Author : 
Samar Shera
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
September 5th 2017

Thank you @amazonpublishing for sending me a free copy in exchange for a review.

The Deets: Samar Shera writes about how women can be their own leaders. Opening up, realizing their emotions and situations, we as women can overcome limitations and be in control.

Just my thoughts: I loved the idea of the book so much, and immediately picked it up after receiving it. I loved how Samar shared her painful story and how she has overcome them. I am sure it was not as easy as she made it sound but it does give you the courage to do the same. Reconnecting with your body, admitting your weakness, self-reflection is something that we all need to do and this book is a great reminder.

All in favor, should I say Aye? I say, Aye. It’s a quick read full of important inspirational messages.

Do you have space on your shelf? You should. It’s a good pick up book on your low days. It can be read over and over again.


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