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Book Review : The Other Mrs Miller

Book Title : The Other Mrs. Miller
Book Author : 
Allison Dickson
My Rating :
Publication Date :
July 23rd 2019

Thank you @littlebrown for sending me a free copy in exchange for a review.

The Deets: A domestic thriller about Phoebe Miller who is your typically miserable unfulfilled housewife who drowns her sorrows in Chardonnay and icecream.

She strongly believes she is being spied on and that the blue sedan outside her house is doing all the watching.

Her life gets even more infused with excitement after a new family moves in across the street from her and she gets involved with them. But it seems they are not what they appear to be or are they? Your typical Doctor, his wife and their handsome soon-out-to college son.

Just my thoughts:  I am not a big fan of domestic thrillers. I always think they are the mellowest of thrillers and this one was so until the other half of the book.

Mind you! With thrillers, you never know when exactly the plot will thicken or where the twists will start. So I am always patient with them and I make it a rule to finish the whole book before I make up my mind.

Did I like this one? Well, I won’t jump to recommend it as quick as I would like but I still think it’s worth the read.

All in favor, should I say Aye? I say Aye, pick it up if you have the patience and the curiosity to find out what’s going on.

Do you have space on your shelf?  I’d say burrow. If you are lucky enough to find a copy, pick it up and give it a shot.


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