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ARC Review : The Octopus Curse

Book Title : The Octopus Curse
Book Author :
Salma Farook
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
November 1st, 2019

Thank you @salma.farook for sending me a free copy in exchange for a review.

You know you have stumbled upon real good poetry when you feel like you could have written it yourself. This is how much I related to Salma’s poems.

Every page felt as if it was speaking to me about me. About how I felt and how I should feel.

Is it possible to crave‬
‪What you have never had?‬
‪All I want to do‬
‪I’d be with you,‬
‪Anywhere you want, I’ll go.‬
‪And we just said‬

-‘I think my soul has met you before.’‬

-Salma Farook

A collection of powerful heart-wrenching poems with topics about love, loss and finding yourself along with illustrations that I thought added a unique take to the book. Those henna tattooed hands spoke as much as the poems and I totally adored them.

I would totally recommend this book to those who have just started reading poetry or havent read any at all. It will make you fall in love with poetry as they are easy to read and to relate to.

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