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Book Review : Normal People

Book Title : NormalPeople
Book Author :
  Sally Rooney
My Rating :
Publication Date : 
August 28th 2018

That awkward moment when you realize, you are from the minority who didn’t like a hyped up book.

I actually had the chance to read it before any major hype. It was recommended by a fellow book club member thinking it would make a good discussion.

And a good discussion it did make. That’s it. When it came to the book itself, I had some issues with it.

So it’s about two main teenage characters, Connell and Marianne, and their on/ off, romantic? Not romantic? kind of relationship through the course of about four years throughout the book. Connell the popular guy, Marianne the not-so-popular-almost-invisible kind of person.  It talks about love, relationships, identity issues, mental health and a bunch of other subjects that I thought added to the story.

What I liked about the book, is, the prose. It was well-written, though I did struggle at first with it as there was no quotations at all but I thought it added a new something to the book. I also liked how it went back and forth in time, with cliffhangers at every end of chapter.

What I didn’t like about it, was the story/plot itself. I felt it dragged in a lot of places to the point of boredom. I also felt the book just didn’t want to end. It was over exaggerated and over dramatic sometimes that had me roll my eyes more than a couple of times.

I would recommend it though. It’s worth the read and I do think it would make a good book club discussion.


6 thoughts on “Book Review : Normal People”

  1. I know right! It seems surreal when a hyped book isn’t just the same for you. I recently read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri and it was the same for me. Great writing but the story left me feeling odd/ there was no warmth it seemed.

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  2. This one has been beckoning me from the TBR shelf for an age! I’m looking forward to reading it, but I’ve heard that it’s strangely divisive – some people love the story, some people hate it, but just about everyone loves the prose. So, your review is spot on in that regard! 😉👍❤️

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